Monday, November 15, 2010

Off the map and into the cosmos

Welly welly well, my little droogs, it would appear as though I stepped into the Korova Milkbar for a quick shot and spent the next 60 days on a soya milk bender...But that story would be far more interesting than the truth.  The truth, my friends, is that my fall in that race two months ago was a bit more damaging than I originally thought and I've spent the last eight plus weeks doing as little as possible on my feet, limping about and losing all the mileage I gained over months of training.  So now I'm tired from a few VERY short runs and I'm working hard to get my head in the right space and to get my body back.

So, while I plot modest upcoming race goals, and continue conditioning my body for longer runs and low flying aerial dance (my latest aerial interest)...feel free to enjoy a brief video.  Be kind, please, as this was my first official public performance.