Thursday, September 1, 2011

Big shoes to fill, 50 milers and other (mis) adventures

I am rehabbing the same pesky knee issue that forced me to run all of TNFEC 50K with a KiniseoTaped right knee.  After two weeks of VERY light running it is better, but I'm finding that if I step in slightly the wrong way I seem to re-injure it.  *sigh*  This is not making it any easier for me to decide whether I want to start training for BRR50 and if I actually want to run it, I need to start training like nowish.  Clearly I just need to be patient with my knee, to continue working with the capacity I have available and to decide further down the road, but patience has never been my strongest trait.  Like right now I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my (new to me--last year's model) Hoka One One Mafates from The Clymb.  I've been curious about them for ages and at 60% off I could hardly pass them up.  So I'll be switching back and forth between barefoot, minimal and super cushioned.  A recipe for disaster?  I hope not.