Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Us!

KJ and I spent NYE playing RockBand with two of our favorite people. I broke out of my public singing shell and handled the vocals because I just couldn't get the hang of the other instruments. You'd think someone who dances/skates/trail runs would have better hand-eye (hand-foot?) coordination, but not so! Our friends were gracious enough to allow me to hog the microphone and to indulge us until 4 AM. The perfect low stress way to sing in the new year. ;)

On New Year's Day we took two of the pups to Maple Tree for some quiet and outdoor bonding. It was coooooooold, our wood stove had a few "technical glitches", our neighbors in the woods indulged in a little 11 pm drunken target practice, but overall it was really beautiful. At night we could see miles of stars that seemed so close we could nearly touch them and during the day we took the dogs out for a ramble on the Appalachian Trail.

We also made a few agreements (resolutions? who keeps those anyway?!) with each other and with ourselves. So, here's to a brave new beginning to 2009.
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