Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sunday Fun Run (ha ha ha)

Sunday's trail half really was mostly fun. A little chilly, a little rainy and VERY muddy, but overall really beautiful and enjoyable. Oddly I hated the technical hills a lot less than the flat, long, boring fire roads. I'm not sure what that says about me other than that I prefer a rocky, rooty run in the woods to wide flat roads stretching interminably ahead. NO pix yet because my camera is broken and official photos have yet to be posted.

This was my first race with this adventure racing company and so far they get two thumbs up from me. Great course, well marked, enthusiastic volunteers and racers. I have nothing else planned until September at this point (of course I'll run--that's just what I do) and am envying those people who live in places where there's either an organized trail race or an FA almost any weekend.

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