Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mini vacay

Yesterday was a normal rest day and today was a sleep late (read 5:30 AM) and miss your morning workout kinda day. Tonight KJ and I are going to dinner and then to see George Michael (I'm smiling big right now just typing that). I'm excited and I think my body needs a bit of a break.

The Trance 8s arrived last night so tomorrow I get to take them for a little two foot tour. The fit is good so far so I'm looking forward to it.

Did back to backs this weekend: Saturday on the PHT from Chain Bridge>Pimmit Run>stream crossing>Turkey Run and Sunday just a 3.8 miler at Accotink. I barely finished my stair run when the rain began to pelt the ground. I spent the rest of the day watching bad and semi-decent movies (One Missed Call and The Bank Job, respectively) and staying out of the Summer electrical storm.

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