Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Training (REALLY) begins...

Saturday I logged a few short treadmill miles because it felt too oppressively hot to be outdoors. Sunday we: discovered that Turkey Run is a bit of a casual pickup park (um...yeah)...and finished the last 4 miles of the PHT--from Turkey Run to American Legion Bridge. Its beautiful out on the water and the path wasn't too crowded so overall it was a good run.

Yesterday was a rest day, but today my training officially began. I was supposed to do: 6-10 miles with 4 X 1 mile at 10 MP, but I settled for 7 miles at my pace (it was early, I was tired--it was kind of amazing that I even got out of bed).

I'm trying a modified Feed Your Tiger basic plan to clean up some of the repetitiveness of my diet (I feel like I eat the same breakfast and the same lunch salad every day) and to work on a few bad food habits. So we will see how that goes. I may be snoring at my desk by midafternoon, but hopefully not because I have A LOT to do today.


Anonymous said...

Too hot? Wuss!

VWC said...

That's right, too hot! Wanna make something of it? ;)