Friday, August 15, 2008


Olympic track and field coverage begins today and I am so excited to see the steeplechase, the women's and men's 100 and 200m and a host of other events. It would be even cooler to see it all in person, but I think its a bit late to fly off to Beijing so I'll be content with watching it all transpire from my couch.

Last night my Pilates instructor, in the midst of a particularly blistering shoulder bridge series, told me I'm crazy for running 50 miles. And on some levels that's true--even I can't quite fathom it sometimes, but most of the time it makes a good deal of sense to me. Like its the natural next step. Besides, I totally dig my Pilates instructor so I just laughed off her comments (inasmuch as I was able to laugh while balanced on shoulders with one leg in the air). I'm actually a bit sad to not be able to take the Advanced Pilates Mat class next session, but school begins in two weeks and I'll have a class on both Monday and Thursday night until mid-December. So I'll continue training for my runs and I'll sign up for an Intermediate class that better fits my schedule.

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