Thursday, July 21, 2011

On Running and not running

A friend of mine just told me she loves my blog so I was shamed into coming back to post something.
I had these beautiful and lofty plans to stay the running course post-50K and mostly I've stuck to the plan. left foot and that pesky plantar fascia are trying to sabotage my good works.  *sigh* (I do that a lot lately).  I didn't run yesterday--instead I hooped in my living room and went to a fantastically strenuous Barre Body class at night.  I feel good.  I feel sore in new places.  I feel like I'm being proactive about my fitness, but I don't feel the same way I feel after a run:  accomplished, exhausted and like my legs can carry me anywhere.

Aaaaaand I won't be running today either.  (Hello, Left Arch.  Yes, I know you are still there--you keep reminding me in a not so gentle, throbby kind of way.)  So I'm taking a bit of a run break while I re-group and plan for my upcoming relay in August, my rematch with the women's trail half marathon (you may have broken my foot last year, BRO Trail, but you have not broken me yet!) and Tough Mudder in October.  I have a lot of planning and crosstraining and running to do in the coming months and I am so looking forward to the point where all my body parts are willing participants in that process.

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